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HC PRO Smart Mask - kill bacteria and stay safe!

HC PRO Smart Mask - kill bacteria and stay safe!

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HC PRO Smart Mask is a great product to keep viruses and bacteria away. In addition, it is strongly recommended in Estonia to wear a mask in public and crowded places.
Be protected, set an example and protect others while looking very trendy.

HC PRO Smart Mask is made by hand in Estonia and compared to many masks, it is made of certified material, which is produced in Germany and therefore keeps bacteria and viruses away.

✔️ 99.9% reduction in bacteria tested before and after washing.
✔️ Lasts up to 30 washes without losing properties at 60 degrees.
✔️ Certified for skin contact.
✔️ Good air permeability and up to 25% less moisture absorption.
✔️ Does not scratch or create flakes such as cotton.
✔️ The printed high-quality logo also complies with the requirements, which does not reduce the quality of the mask.
✔️ Double-layer for maximum protection.
✔️ Dries quickly.
✔️ 100% upholstery.

• antibacterial activity tested according to ASTM E-2149-13a INTERTEK, bacterial reduction rate 99.9%
• air permeability according to DIN EN ISO 9237
100 Pa at test pressure and 20 cm² on test surface
o single layer: approx. 326l / m²
o two-layer: approx. 166l / m²

Certified according to standard 100 Oeko-Tex,
Product-class 2 (skin contact)
• Friedrich has a German manufacturer's certificate
according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015