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Zen Mind, Strong Body: How To Cultivate Advanced Calisthenic Strength--Using The Power Of "Beginner's Mind"

Zen Mind, Strong Body: How To Cultivate Advanced Calisthenic Strength--Using The Power Of "Beginner's Mind"

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Paperback. Author: Al Kavadlo In Zen Mind, Strong Body, acclaimed bodyweight exercise expert Al Kavadlo presents his “philosophy of fitness”—a philosophy that has allowed him to endure injury-free, while achieving some of the world’s most challenging movements, be it the One-arm Pull-up, the Human Flag, the Stand-to-stand Bridge, or the Front Lever. It’s also a philosophy that’s allowed Al to sculpt a magnificent physique—while maintaining an ever-burning passion to further develop his calisthenic excellence. Al’s “secret sauce”? A Zen-like attitude to physical cultivation—which marries intense focus with a light-hearted “joy-in-the-journey.” Zen-like too, is Al’s insistence on intuitive simplicity and his celebration of personal, direct experience as the most trustworthy teacher. Zen Mind, Strong Body culls 26 of Al’s favorite articles, elaborating his position on a wide spectrum of fitness subjects from diet and supplements, to machines and free weights, to cardio options, to mental training. For Al, though, all roads finally lead to Bodyweight Exercise—as the supreme path for all-around, everyday athleticism and practical functionality. Want what Al Kavadlo has? Absorb the hard-earned, earthy training wisdom in Zen Mind, Strong Body—and you will be on your way. Discover: •How to put the fun back into your fitness—instead of treating your workouts as a chore… •How to combine “presence” and joy—for a deeper, more rewarding training experience… •How “light heart” translates to “heavy payload”—when it comes to spectacular, long-term physical gains… •How to infuse “warrior spirit” into your body-mind—and attain the calisthenic ideal of physical excellence… •How to recruit the power of the “Big 3”—Experience, Logic and Intuition—as your preferred allies in the battle against weakness, fatness, slowness and tiredness… •Why to beware of the “Tricky 3”—Dogma, Faith and Science”—when it comes to wise practice in diet and exercise… •The empowering secret of “open-ended” program design—to free you from the shackles and restrictions of one-size-fits-all fitness shibboleths… •The key differences between gymnastics and calisthenics—when considering your optimal goals for physical development… •How to make impressive gains year-after-year—while staying off the “injured reserve” list… •How to marry fun and function—for athletic longevity and enhanced well being… •How to use your mind to manifest what you choose—including the body of your dreams... •The “Specificity Principle”—and the direct approach to getting better and better and better… •The hows and whys of building strength without mass—when whipcord-functionality is your goal… •The #1 factor to consider in practicing strength as a skill—it’s the difference between longterm success and the also-rans… •What “business” you need to focus on first—if being a lean ‘n mean machine is what you want… •Why “subtle nuance” can be more important than “gross motor”—when developing supreme movement skills… •The 5 major levels of bodyweight strength—so you know where you stand in the chain of greatness… •The 4 best bodyweight drills to emulate the benefits of the traditional deadlift—when you don’t want to bother with a barbell… •The special significance of Back Bridges—for longevity in your strength practice… •Why walking is overrated as a preferred exercise choice—for almost anyone… •Why you don’t need to take a single supplement—yet still achieve peak levels of fitness… BONUS SECTION: SAMPLE WORKOUTS 1 Ķermeņa svara iesācējs 2 Ķermeņa svars Barons 3 Ķermeņa svars.